Eco Tourism

As part of our constant focus to embrace nature and community with our business practices, Flameback Eco Lodge is committed in its continuous contribution made to the environment and the community it is integrated in. As such, we are humbled to contribute $ 1.00 from every rooming night to the hotel’s Eco & Social development fund which is in turn donated to the preservation and well-being of the Environment, Community of Weerwila and the hotel employees.

Social Responsibility

Employee empowerment

Maintaining a zenith of awareness amongst our meticulously trained hotel team members is vital for us to sustain our commitment to the environment. As such, regular training endeavors whilst building a team learning environment is constantly advocated among our respective members. Our team is well informed about pressing issues that pertain to the environment and are motivated to bring about change not only in the workplace but also in their homes. Providing a comfortable environment for the employees within the work place and continuous development and training to enhance their respective career skills are part of the employee motivation factors.

Community involvement

We firmly believe that in order for our conservation initiatives to be sustainable over time, the local community must perceive a benefit. Thus a major part of our sustainable tourism project includes unremitting work with the community.
From activating a justifiable income earning method for neighbouring local communities encouraging community tourism by way of organic cultivation for which we at Flameback provide pertinent knowledge to impart skills with stringent monitoring mechanisms. The communities are also rewarded by our impetus in hosting our valued guests, upon request for a delectable home cooked meal at their simplistic dwelling.

Flameback Eco Lodge procures much the food and products that are used at the lodge from local producers and suppliers. The hotel funds and provide knowledge to identifies local farmers to grow vegetable and fruit produce which in turn is purchased by us for the use of our valued guests. Ammenites in the hotel such as laundry bags, candles and Portrait, candles and other merchandise available in the Entrance house gallery are those crafted by talented locals enabling them to earn an income from sustainable tourism practices.

Also hotel in-house acitivities such as Pottery making and Palmyrah weaving are done by talented local villagers who get to exhibit their talent while earning a livelihood.

We encourage local recruitment with fully fledged training and soft skill building endeavours to provide much needed employment and personal development opportunities for a ripening community.

Our respective teams and the communities are constantly advised on the importance on conservation measures, the ways in which we can restore the suppleness into mother nature whilst providing them the stimulus to advocate this important message in their work and personal lives.

Apart from the above, Flameback hopes to take further stride in engraving futuristic skills development programme in the vicinity of the eco lodge where in future, we will initiate English language classes sponsored by us for the youth to arm them with aptitude and confidence in their respective careers.

Meet the talented team of individuals we have collaborated within the local community that we work hand-in hand to create this unique eco-friendly glamping escapade by showcasing their skills and craftsmanship.

Environment conservation

A sustainable footprint into eco conservation

At Flameback Eco Lodge, we have embraced a skillful multi-discipline, framework of environmental strategies aimed at making changes and improvements that benefit the environment from the onset with subtle thought put into the architecture, use of natural resources and waste disposal. We are focused on integrating environmental sustainability in our business practices, including our day to day operations and procurement. Synonymous with our immaculate eco entwined comforts, we ensured the use of environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials in our constructions powered by energy conserving LED lighting and natural lighting, along with a waste water water-treatment plant re- inventing and providing back to mother nature.

Following from the famous quote – ‘We borrow from nature the space upon we build – Flmaback Eco Lodge was built ‘in harmony’ with nature preserving the trees and shrubs within the land. Natural boulders have been used as the foundation for the lodges with steel and wood used for the building structures and flames to eliminate minimal use of cement and other harmful materials to the environment.

We work collaboratively with local communities and accredited state authorities to minimise environmental issues within the area assisting in maintaining a clean environment in preserving the banks of the Weerawila lake.

Solid Waste Management is an important aspect of environmental responsibility where we adhere by our ethos of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to manage waste efficiently. We considerately segregate our solid waste in colour coded bins that are used for storing the separated waste whilst the food waste or wet waste is decomposed in the hotel premises.
We have in place a well constructed sewage treatment plant which runs across the 7 days of the week to ensure that waste-water is treated so that it can be reused for gardening – thereby reducing the consumption of fresh water.
In our eco friendly grandeur and poise, we incessantly cooperate with our suppliers as part of our overall environmental strategy. Our focus in supply chain engagement is the development of innovative products and programs to deliver superior performance and meet our sustainability goals whilst guaranteeing the sourcing of environmentally preferred products. Thus, plastic products are not used for any guest or housekeeping amenities, hence using recycled paper for all housekeeping amenities and glass bottles for guest water consumption.

The hotel’s menus, stationary and ceramic ware are all locally made with wood, recycled material and clay.

We at Flameback also take pride in maintaining a state of the art organic cultivation within our lively green premises, which utilizes only natural pesticides and fertilizers, whilst we have also increased local and organic dining options by partnering with local farmers, growers and seafood purveyors.