Skylark Restaurant

Illustriously eco-friendly in its’ soul and function, the in-house restaurant standing on a raised platform extending to a wooden deck looking out on to the lakes, offers an arresting fusion of international and traditional local cuisine  passionately designed by our Executive Chef.

Whether it’s a typical western or authentic Sri Lankan breakfast, to a steak or mouthwatering Asian fusion, you’ll have a fine dining experience under the stars to with a variety of specialty a-la carte and set-menus in the restaurant. A well stocked bar with selected spirits, fine wines and fresh juices are available to compliment your dining experience.

Private Dining

If you want to indulge in  private dining experience , you have the choice of dining on the spacious deck of your lodge or by the pristine banks of the lake with plenty of unique locations to dine in private. Whether it’s a 5 course fine dining experience or a BBQ dinner by the lake, we will ensure that you will experience a unique meal under the stars.

Village Lunch

Upon request, you can also extend your taste buds with the unforgettable venture into the surrounding village to mingle and enjoy a freshly made Sri Lankan meal with a family in their home within the neighboring local community. By having these meals you will help make a contribution to the local community as well.

Traditional Sri Lankan lunch by the lake

Indulge in a freshly made authentic Sri Lankan prepared by a local village expert at the traditional mud house by the lake and savour the mouthwatering cuisine in the shades of the trees near the lake.